Equine Educational Resources

The horse industry has a way of connecting similar minds with similar goals.

Below is a list of several resources you might find helpful. Each one of the professionals and organizations listed below are exceptional in their own right.

Feel free to contact Jillian any time with questions, but we also encourage you to explore additional learning outlets.

Casey M Jones, EDO
Osteopathic Whole Horse Methods to Maximize Mobility

Dr. Deb Bennett
Institute for Equine Studies

Dr. Kerry Ridgway, DVM
Institute for Equine Therapeutic Options

Equine Bodywork School

Whole Horse Whole Rider Education

Manolo Mendez Dressage
Master Equestrian

Mark Russell
Natural Dressage

Peggy Cummings
Connected Riding

Stephanie Millham
Classical Dressage

Team Tate Academy
USDF Accredited Classical Dressage

 The Vluggen Institute
Equine Osteopathy

Wendy Murdoch