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Manolo Mendez Master Clinic Series

Manolo Mendez Master Clinic Series ~ Symposium Special

· Over 125 hrs of Individual Instruction by Both Master Horseman Manolo Mendez & Functional Anatomy Specialist Jillian R. Kreinbring. 

· 23 Riders of all Ages and Disciplines. 

· Amazing Value and Education  

· Life-Time Purchase 

· Watch At Your Own Gait ~ Anywhere & Anytime! 

· Easy Log-In Access 

· On-Demand "Kajabi App" For Ease of Watching Anywhere from Your Personal Devices 

· Active Group Chat After Each Lesson ~ Write Comments or ASK Jillian!


Reg. Price $895.00  Lifetime Access 

My Time With Manolo In May...

Concinnity Farm: I read an article this morning about contact and winning. Short reins, always. Drive the horse to contact. Keep the horse on the aids. Keep the horse round. Keep the horse on the bit. While I was learning from Manolo he said, "Contact is a gift the horse gives to you, not something that you take." Jillian said, "Collection is not compression." The article talked about winning blue ribbons but I don't care about ribbons. To me, winning is... - Training sessions that revolve around what the horse needs and not what the human wants. - Developing a horse that is happy in mind and body. - Shaping what you are offered instead of forcing that which isn't available. - Repetition without repetition (this comes from Nikolai Bernstein). Variability in posture, gait, and exercises. No drilling, don't stay anywhere too long. - Utilization of bodywork and movement as therapy. Manolo says movement should be like a massage. Improving comfort and function. What good is a training session if your horse is not leaving you feeling better than when you found them? You have won nothing if you have not done this. The more I look back on my week with Manolo, the deeper the appreciation I have for his work and for what he does for the horse. I have much to learn but I have no doubt that this is the path I wish to be on. - Terra

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